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Bob Johnson did tests: ‘Somebody ought to be looking into this’

There might be a cure for citrus greening, says a columnist in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Here’s what the March 26 story says: “Part of the CRDF’s failure was its refusal for years to consider a potential rapid, low-cost solution repeatedly offered for testing. Instead, CRDF focused on expensive projects from politically connected chemical multinationals.

“An organic fertilizer invented by Winsor Eveland, a former Navy intelligence officer, and business partner Ken Brown, might hold the key. Five years of tests show that the fertilizer, called CitruSaver, relieves many of HLB symptoms in the tree and fruit.

“’Somebody ought to be looking into this,’ says Bob Johnson, a well-known plant-disease expert hired by Winsor and Brown to conduct initial scientific field trials on infected trees.

“I was a little apprehensive when we started out with small trials, and it worked,’ Johnson said. “I brought growers out there who would voluntarily let me treat some of their trees, and everything worked.’

“His tests with CitruSaver showed invigorated tree roots, foliage, and fruit quality. ‘There’s no doubt that it improves tree vigor,’ Johnson said. ‘There is plenty of data there on small plots to say that this product works.’

“Johnson is the first to acknowledge that the findings require more comprehensive validation from an authority like CRDF. The citrus industry is bombarded with companies hawking ‘cures.'”