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2020: $13 million for Bayer. 2022: Zero results

Two years ago, CRDF “and others” had “previously” paid Bayer $12.6 million, plus another “$421,000 each,” amounting to well over $13 million for the German multinational to help Florida solve citrus greening.

Of that $12.6 million, the vast bulk came from CRDF.

Today: Zero results, and Dantzler has backed away from his debacle, urgently seeking immediate-term solutions.

Here’s what Citrus Industry reported in March 2020:

Dantzler announced that CRDF and three partners have agreed to continue funding Bayer Crop Science research on HLB for the last six months of this year, at a cost of up to $421,000 each. CRDF and others have previously paid Bayer $12.6 million, with most of that coming from CRDF, for three years of research through this June.