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CRDF says HLB is an ‘existential threat.’ So why won’t it test promising solutions?

“In 2009, the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (CRDF) was formed to coordinate citrus research funding in the face of huanglongbing (HLB, also known as ‘citrus greening’),” the CRDF says on its website. “While it addresses the full array of citrus research needs, CRDF has focused on HLB because it represents an existential threat to the Florida citrus industry.”

Existential threat. That means a threat to the citrus industry’s existence.

CRDF has spent millions on expensive solutions that don’t work and academics who won’t apply research to the needs of Florida growers.

Since HLB is indeed an existential threat, why isn’t CRDF testing off-the-shelf, inexpensive products that scientifically show a lot of promise? That’s a question we’re going to ask a lot here at