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CRDF’s Dantzler chronicles the wreckage of Florida Citrus since 2009

CRDF leader Rick Dantzler’s tally of the destruction of Florida citrus since 2009, as reported by Citrus Industry:

  • 100,000 acres of Florida citrus groves have disappeared, from 451,100 to 351,057 acres.
  • Orange production is destroyed, from 133,700,000 boxes to 51,700,000 boxes.
  • Grapefruit production has practically disappeared from 20,300,000 boxes to 4,400,000 boxes.
  • The number of Florida citrus growers is being wiped out, from 8,000 to 2,500.

During that time, CRDF spent nearly $165,000,000 in taxpayer and citrus industry money, mainly in its unsucessful fight to combat HLB citrus greening.