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Dantzler shifts blame for failure: CRDF ‘is controlled by Florida citrus growers’

Faced with a staggering record of failures driven by his Research-Industrial Complex policy, CRDF COO Rick Dantzler shifts blame to the growers.

“CRDF is an organization created to serve Florida citrus growers and that is controlled by Florida citrus growers, it will recommend what it believes the industry desires,” Dantzler said in a comment published May 25.

He made the comment as part of what Citrus Industry describes as “important clarifications” relating to the Florida Citrus Research Order box tax assessment referendum.

Not all growers agree. Some raised concern at the April 26 CRDF board meeting that the foundation under Dantzler does not “allow growers to make decisions.”

CRDF does not determine the box tax, Dantzler said, but does issue recommendations on what the tax level should be.

“The meeting in June is a public meeting and growers are encouraged to attend and express their opinions regarding what CRDF recommends,” Dantzler said.