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Millions are learning about how CRDF is blocking research on low-cost solutions

In just two days, more than 3.5 million people saw the Sun-Sentinel article about how CRDF has prevented large-scale testing of an inexpensive, off-the-shelf fertilizer that shows signs of helping citrus trees infected by HLB disease.

This count relates only to people who saw the article on Twitter. In just two days – March 26 and 27 – the article reached 3,552,211 different people, with 4,577,609 impressions, according to a Tweetreach snapshot.

We don’t have access to the Sun-Sentinel‘s own statistics, which should be substantially higher.

The results show intense public interest in Florida’s citrus greening pandemic and in the Citrus Research and Development Foundation‘s inept (or worse) handling of its mandate to find a cure for HLB.